Concept 305 DW


  • The first processor in the world with double washout area for digital flexographic plates up to 920 x 1200 mm (36 x 48”)
  • Two separate tanks for washout: a pre-wash tank removes the digital black mask layer, so the solvent in the main washing section remains clean

Double washout
The solvent used in the pre-wash section is collected into a dedicated tank, so the solvent used in the main washout section is not contaminated by residue of the carbon layer. An integrated solvent density meter in the hydraulic circuit measures the percentage of polymer present in the washing solvent, topping it up with fresh solvent when the values exceed the setup values. An integrated heater-chiller controls solvent temperature.

Unique brush movement
The efficient movement of gear-driven rotating brushes with oscillatine movement in opposing directions ensures perfect results for each plate. In addition, this movement ensures a perfectly stable position of the plate, thus optimising the mechanical action of the brushes and making the whole process reach a higher speed. When the machine is stopped or in stand-by mode, the brushes automatically lift from the processing area to avoid being damaged. Before any cycle, they are doused with fresh solvent, so that they are completely wet.

Tool-free maintenance
An easy-to-use, tool-free system for the removal of brushes, simplifies maintenance and cleaning operations. Additionally, different cleaning cycles are automatically performed to ensure consistent quality, such as cleaning  brushes after every plate is processed, cleaning the unit when it is switched off and circulation of solvent in stand-by.

Automated process
Plates are automatically fed into the processor and are washed and cleaned with oscillating and rotating brush movements (a Degraf Concept). Integrated heating and cooling system allows the operator to control the solvent temperature and there is automatic solvent replenishment and integrated solvent fume extraction system. Delivered with 2 pin bars and an external punch device.


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