Foam Glue Pads


Apply glue, scratch-off, and fragrance with the best materials available

  • Manufactured in our own plant to your specifications
  • Specially formulated, highest quality sticky-back adhesives on foam or rubber for maximum performance and adhesion
  • Foam pads for water-based, acetate-based, solvent-based gluing applications
  • Rubber pads for scratch-off materials, micro-encapsulated materials, UV and aqueous coating applications
  • Foam pads come in the largest sizes available: 9″x24″, 10″x32″, 12″x38″ in stock
  • Thickness customized up to 3/16″
  • Standard thickness for our foam glue pads is 0.130 inches. If you need a custom thickness, please specify it (including unit of measure) in the thickness column for the product you are interested in before clicking the “Buy” button.


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