Wash-Up Blades


You demand the highest performance from each part of the printing press. RECOGRAPH has developed a range of replacement wash-up blades which give excellent performance in all conditions. Together with strong chemical resistance to today's aggressive inks and solvents, our blades have proven their high quality both to the original equipment manufacturer and to the end users.


RECOGRAPH Replacement Wash-Up Blades are the best:

  • Manufactured in our own plant to OEM specifications.
  • Quick wash-up performance.
  • Specifically formulated rubber, plastic, and other specialty materials which ensure maximum performance and wear resistance.
  • Unique bonding process between metal and rubber so that there is never a bond failure.
  • Sharp and perfectly straight wiping edge.
  • Specially treated metal for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Safe metal parts so that there are no sharp edges or burrs.
  • Shipment available within 24 hours on standard and specialty parts.
  • Excellent pricing.
  • We can fit every press in your shop. Our in-house design staff can quickly meet any custom requirement or special order.

Manufactures Wash-Up Blades for the following sheet-fed and web-offset printing presses…

Quantity discounts are available on all blades:

  • 10-24 pcs 5% discount
  • 25-49 pcs 10% discount
  • 50-99 pcs 15% discount
  • 100+ pcs 20% discount



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